Writing Immigration Business Plans to Meet your Needs

The immigration process can be overwhelming for anyone trying to enter the United States on a business visa.


Completing an immigration business plan can require the assistance of a skilled professional, especially if you’re lacking the language skills, financial skills or time to complete the plan yourself.


Immigration business plans can be daunting, with the federal government looking for highly specified information. They can be difficult to complete to the government’s standards if you’ve never written one before.

JDC Consultancy - the Right Company for the Job

US Immigration Business PlanJDC Consultancy knows exactly what to include in an Immigration Business Plan because we’ve written over 840 of them and enabled business owners, entrepreneurs, investors, executives and their families, to live, work and study in the United States.


These detailed plans are our specialty.


Helping foreign entrepreneurs develop an immigration business plan that allows them to obtain a visa to stay in the United States is what we do for a living, not a side job or an afterthought. Contact us to help you through the process. We deliver detailed and affordable immigration business plans for a fixed fee and in a time frame that will meet your needs.


Give us a call at (678) 367-3794 or email us at email@jdcconsultancy.com to find out how we can meet your needs today.

Who Needs an Immigration Plan

Immigration business plans are required if you are in the process of applying to the federal government for a business visa such as an E2 Treaty Investor Visa, E1 Treaty Trader Visa, L1 Visa, or an EB5 $1M/$500,000 Investor Green Card. Business plans are essential to your immigration petition and serve as a key component of a successful visa application.