US Immigration Business Plan Client Reviews

Please take a moment to read what our immigration business plan clients have to say about the services we have provided them with:

Trying to get an E2 visa was beyond my knowledge and I am extremely grateful for Jason who took a huge part in my final success in it. I found him using an online search engine and not only his website convinced me, but his personality and professionalism even far more. Without lots of questions he understood the idea behind my import/export business and his research in all topics needed for the business plan was so profound, I learnt extremely from it myself. Even when I needed to adapt and change over and over, he never lost patience and in the end, I had a business plan in my hands everybody was jealous of.


And you know what? I founded already three companies in my home country before, all of them are successful, but none ever had such an impressive business plan!


Thank you again for this great work with a result that makes me more than happy since I now have my E2 visa!


Mirjam Freienmuth – President, JBC North America Inc
Formerly from Switzerland, relocated to Bonita Springs, Florida

I am very happy that I hired Jason to support me with my E2 immigration business plan! He has done a very satisfying job, especially by conducting extensive research about the agricultural business in the United States, to help me analyze my future competition. My application got approved after a short interview at the US-embassy in Germany with a side note made that it has been well prepared – I received a 5 year E-2 visa which is quite unusual these days and a testament to the JDC business plan.


A big part of this success I grant to Jason for doing such a great job since the business plan is one of the most important items within the visa application. If anyone is looking for professional support through an immigration business plan I highly recommend to hire Jason!


Thank you very much for your help, you did a great job!


Alexander Conrad – ConradAgrarConsulting
Formerly from Germany, relocated to Redwood City, California
E-2 Visa received from: US Consulate Germany

Thank you again for your E2 Business Plan consultancy and preparation for our roofing company that we started in the Atlanta area. It was crucial and helped us a lot in realizing how businesses work in the USA especially when you have to get an interview for E2 Visa with the Department of State. This type of plan also makes you more comfortable for the interview because is done with sequential logic and sense, making you realize an objective way to do business in a new country.


We are so happy we were approved for our E2 visa at the US Embassy in Madrid and we thank you Jason for your help and professionalism, it was critical in us obtaining our E2 visa and starting a new life in the USA.


Mariana Belouche – Roof-Techo
Formerly from Spain (& Panama), relocated to Atlanta, Georgia
E-2 Visa received from: US Consulate Spain

It was a pleasure working with Jason. After long research and talking with different companies, we decided to partner with JDC Consultancy for our Business Plan needed to support our E-2 application. Best decision ever. The process was very smooth and Jason did an excellent job. The Business Plan looked very professional, well written, included relevant information and was well in line with our vision and high expectations.


We know the business plan has been a key element in the success and approval of our E2 application and we sincerely thank Jason for his help and support.


We would highly recommend Jason and JDC Consultancy to anyone looking for professional support and advice with their Business Plan.


Thanks again!


Christophe Glibert – ACG Home Improvement
Formerly from Belgium, relocated to Tulsa, Oklahoma

Jason Coles was highly recommended by my attorney because he does E2 (Investor Visa) oriented business plans. He knows what the Embassy is going to look for.


In my situation, I never run a business before and I don’t know much about numbers. Jason, with a lot of patience, taught me the basics of accounting. He was able to understand my business and all the numbers, made some extensive researches and found the right argumentation to “sell” it. The written presentation also was impressive and looked so professional. He was right on time and always available whenever I needed him for any clarification.


I think Jason Business plan really helped me to get my E2 Visa at the US Embassy in Paris. I highly recommended him for his professionalism mixed with a very nice attitude. A pleasure to work with.


Good luck with everything Jason and thank you again!


Sandrine Russell – Owner, Jani-King Franchise
Formerly from France, relocated to Tennessee
E-2 Visa received from: US Embassy France

Our immigration attorney recommended JDC Consultancy to take care of our immigration business plan for the E-2 visa. We were very pleased with the work performed by Jason Coles throughout the entire process. He understood our concepts, our goals and strategic plans, and put together a very comprehensive business plan that I was thoroughly impressed with. We will definitely recommend JDC Consultancy to others as we are convinced that their business plan was the primary reason we got approved for our E-2. I enjoyed doing business with you Jason and getting the result we were looking for.


Thank you so much.


Zelemkhan Abdukerimov – President, ZA Global LLC
Formerly from Kazakhstan, relocated to Houston, Texas

I have to express my gratitude, for the great professionalism and experience of Mr.Coles. The fact is that, when my immigration Lawyer recommended me to Mr. Coles, to help me through the L-1 business plan process, I was a little bit skeptical, because of the different State he was located.


I thought that it would be difficult not meeting him in person and explaining correctly in details, in what the L-1 subsidiary business consisted of. But, on the first phone call, I realized how smooth the process would go. Mr. Coles was very professional, positive, calm and accommodating.


The business plan that he prepared for me did start with very detailed questions which helped me to be successful with my L-1 application but also did help me review and improve my strategies going forward. All my questions were clear and I was totally ready to build a solid business structure, that will help me succeed and grow the business, in the next 5 years.


A great experience and I highly recommend Mr. Coles, the best there is! Thank you.


Nevila Dudaj – Adriatik Tours
Formerly from Albania, relocated to West Hartford, Connecticut

I needed a business plan for my E-2 visa application. Jason Coles and JDC consultancy were one of a few options recommended by my immigration lawyer. And I’m very happy that I chose Jason Coles as my business plan writer. From the very first communication, he acted very prompt and professionally: offered price was very reasonable, the questionnaire to combine a plan was extremely detailed and complete, all questions that followed were precise. As a result, I received a detailed business plan presented in a very professional manner on time and my E-2 visa was successfully approved. I would highly recommend Jason Coles’s services to anyone who needs any business plans for immigration purposes, because I am confident that a strong professional plan written by him is one of key points of success in an E2 application approval.


Many thanks,



Tatyana A – Import and Wholesale Company owner
Formerly from Istanbul, Turkey, relocated to Herndon, Virginia

It was a great experience working with Jason. We were re-applying for the L1A visa again, which was denied once before due to a previous business plan being inadequate, as one of the reasons for denial. After a brief consultation with Jason and going through only a small editing process the new business plan that was prepared by Jason resulted in a successful L-1 visa application. Jason is very receptive and he understood the direction we needed very quickly, and also guided us very well in terms of what should and shouldn’t be featured as part of the immigration business plan. The result speaks for it the best, I am very happy!


All the best,



Dmitri K – General Manager, Bicycle, LLC
Formerly from South Africa, relocated to Charlotte, NC

JDC Consultancy did a fantastic job developing the business plan for my E-2 visa. Jason Coles delivered a business plan that far exceeded my expectations and led to my successful application at the London Embassy. It was a real pleasure working with him and I would recommend anyone considering his services to just use him!




Oscar Lyons – CEO, Oscar the Filmmaker
Formerly from England, relocated to Los Angeles, CA
E-2 Visa received from: US Embassy London

We hired JDC to help us prepare our business plan in the context of an E-2 visa application. Jason understood our requirements from the get go and provided us many useful advices. One of the qualities we most valued was his responsiveness to our time constraints. He was diligent and very transparent in his communications. It really felt like I had a partner in this process.




Javier Marti – Founder & CEO, Divirod
Formerly from Spain, relocated to Boulder, CO

I would hereby like to thank Mr. Jason Coles and JDC Consultancy, for his fast, efficient and right to the point service he provided me for my L1A visa business plan.


When I decided to file for my L1 petition, Jason was one of the most highly regarded recommendations I received from my lawyer. I can say with pleasure that he turned one of the hardest parts of the L1 documentation needed, to the easiest. His understanding of the nature of our business, how responsible he was about his timing, and the accuracy he brought to each and every detail was amazing. His friendly attitude as well as his willingness and responsiveness for my requests whenever he was needed towards this process, made me so confident of my choice. I already recommended his service to my other friends and colleagues and assured them they will receive nothing but the best.


Thank you Jason.


Ali M Heravi – President, Flamingo DXB Corp
Formerly from Dubai (UAE), relocated to Torrance, California

First of all, I would like to thank JDC Consultancy for such a great job on my Immigration Business plan for my E2 petition.


I was a bit skeptical at first just like with any new business/person I work with. But my attorney assured me that JDC Consultancy is the right consulting company for my immigration business plan. I can only say how right she was, from my initial conversation to providing them with information about my business, they just made it seem smooth sailing from there on and provided my business with a great plan that I feel takes a lot of knowledge to write about in such detail, especially when it is not their business they are writing about.


I would not hesitate for a minute to refer or recommend JDC Consultancy to anyone who requires any sort of business plan for their immigration visa application. Once again a big thank you Jason for your kindness and patience throughout the entire process and for writing a business plan that achieved my E-2 visa approval!


Sohail Burkie – President, London Mergers, LLC
Formerly from the UK, relocated to Houston, Texas

Based on background information provided by the management of IGS Group, JDC Consultancy created a detailed five year business plan. We had short timescales to work to and everything was delivered on time, well presented and as agreed.


When we received our letter of invitation to attend our E2 Visa interview at the American Embassy in London, we were informed that no further information on the business was required. This was testament to the thorough and credible business plan that had been produced by JDC Consultancy.


We would highly recommend JDC Consultancy to another business hoping to secure an E2 Visa for a business start-up in the US. Many thanks!


Bill Simpkins – IGS Group
Formerly from England, relocated to Texas

We hired JDC Consultancy to write our immigration business plan and the outcome has been highly satisfactory regarding our E-2 visa being approved. We were very pleased with Jason’s service, professionalism, and dedication, and would use his services again in the future.


Thank you very much!


Aldana La Torre – MD Fly
Formerly from Argentina, relocated to Miami, FL

Our immigration attorney highly recommended JDC Consultancy to take care of our business plan. And she was right on the money! Jason Coles and his team came in to save our day with great expertise and savvy understanding of how important a business plan is and what it really means when filing a petition for an L-1 visa.


From the get-go, he took the time to listen carefully about our case, did his own market research and came back to us with an elaborate summary of ideas to support our arguments to start a business in the US. After that first meeting, he went the extra mile to gather, evaluate and compile all the information needed, not only to file our visa application within a short time frame (our I-94 was a month away to expire), but also to assemble extremely cogent market and financial projections of our branch in Houston, Texas.


But the most remarkable fact was the eloquence, accuracy and appropriateness of terms and figures throughout the whole business plan. Right then, we knew he was fully committed to get the job done. His contribution became an asset to our visa petition. My family and I were granted an L-1/L-2 visa and are now ready to start operations. I look forward to hire his services for family and friends in the near future. Thanks Team JDC!


Adriana Marquez – President, Pastel Gourmet Texas, LLC
Formerly from Venezuela, relocated to Houston, Texas

We used Jason to prepare our business plan for our L1A Visa, to expand our corporate brand from the UK to the USA. Whilst I am experienced in preparing business plans generally, one for immigration purposes was a little daunting and I didn’t want to take any chances. From start to finish, Jason was supportive and professional. He listened to me and used all the information provided to formulate what I would describe as an excellent business plan. Changes were no problem and we gained our VISA on first application with the London Embassy with no queries or questions. His fees are extremely competitive and worth every penny/cent.


I would certainly recommend Jason and his company to anyone embarking on the US VISA process.


Michelle Newton – President, Care 4 Kids Daycare, Inc.
Formerly from England, relocated to Florida

JDC Consultancy and Jason Coles have been an absolute delight to work with when drafting our E2 Visa Business Plan. Jason helped us to streamline our initial business ideas, was very patient and knowledgeable during the elaboration, and extremely structured in his first draft. This allowed us to speed up work with our immigration lawyer and CPA.


His efficiency was again perfect when it came to finalizing the project and wrapping it all up. Timely, well designed and solid work. Highly appreciated. His services are the best value for money we can imagine.


Thank you Jason, you were a major partner in this adventure. Hope to keep in touch.


Alexandra Merz – L&F Montecito Corp
Formerly from France, relocated to Santa Barbara, CA

After initially trying to put my business plan together myself in an effort to obtain my E2 Investor Visa I quickly realized I was in over my head. I initially approached another firm that kept complicating the process and kept trying to “scare” me into buying more consulting time.


I walked away and didn’t think I’d ever be able to put this together. Then I was introduced to JDC Consultancy and everything changed. For a flat fee they put together my entire E2 business plan from beginning to end including the financials. They guided me step by step throughout the process and offered great insight into my company as well.


I’m incredibly grateful and fortunate for having worked with them. I highly recommend their services.


Nick Capozzi – CSM Digital
Formerly from Canada, relocated to Arizona

E-2 Visa received from: US Consulate Toronto

It has been a pleasure to work with Jason. I received the business plan on time as promised. It was fully accepted by the embassy and I have successfully received my E2 visa.


I fully recommend him as a professional immigration business plan writer and consultant.


Pawel Gromek – LingPerfect
Formerly from Poland, relocated to New York

Working with Jason Coles throughout the whole process of creating my business plan was an absolute pleasure. He was extremely patient and took the time to completely understand my business, and how I intended to set it up and expand it in the United States. He is a very detail orientated person, and I was impressed with the meticulous way in which my business plan was prepared, updated, and then handed over to me in its final form.


My financial projections were quite detailed, and Jason really got a good handle on them and produced some excellent 5 year financial forecasts. I strongly believe that the professional business plan created by Jason Coles and JDC Consultancy has been a key part in the business visa process and I am sure the Italian Embassy officers who went through our papers were equally impressed by it. On the basis that we have successfully obtained our E2 Visa for five years, I am sure they were!!


Thank you very much for your hard work and efforts, it is much appreciated and gave us the desired outcome we were looking for!


Antonio Azcarate
Formerly from Italy, relocated to Los Angeles, CA

E-2 visa received from: US Embassy Rome

It was a pleasure working with Jason Coles for our coffee shop business plan. Even far from each other and having the communication by email, he could understand very well how our business was going to be like. To us, our business plan looks perfect! He did work on time and was really professional! The words he used and the way he put the ideas together was like we have done it!


The main thing is that we got the correct result and our L1 Visa was approved!


We thank JDC Consultancy for being so kind to us.


Carlos & Viviane Cunha
Formerly from Brazil, relocated to Texas

As a Paralegal with over 5 years of Immigration work experience, I have worked with many different consulting firms for Immigration business plans in the past. When I first contacted JDC, I was not sure what type of business plan I would ultimately receive. But since we were unhappy with our current consultant for immigration business plans, we were seeking someone else to handle our immigration business plan needs.


I did not know much about JDC, so I called and spoke to Mr. Jason Coles, who answered all my questions and concerns and I decided to give JDC an opportunity. I felt Mr. Coles was not only knowledgeable about business immigration as a whole, but also seemed to have a great level of understanding of the client’s specific business after our discussion.


When I received the business plan from JDC, I did not receive a bundle of paper loaded with keywords, color photos, and un-necessary stats. The business plan from JDC provided not only an in-depth study of the business, the local area, marketing, and other important information, but also a 5 year financial analysis of the business itself, along with “break-even point” analysis and other financial study data. I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the work and the elegant, full-color design of the plan as well.


I have to say that JDC did such an excellent job with the L-1A immigration business plan that I had to share the plan with a previous employer, who reacted very positively to the plan as I did.


Finally, working with Mr. Coles and his associate, Mr. Fisher made the process simple, straight-forward, and professional. All for an extremely reasonable fee ($500 less than our previous bus plan consultant) for much better quality work received, all in less than 2 weeks, much faster than anticipated.


I strongly recommend immigration professionals to give JDC an opportunity to create an immigration plan for their clients; you will be very pleased with the quality of work received and the level of service they provide.


Gil Christian – Denver, CO

Working with Jason regarding the E-2 Business plan was a pleasure. JDC Consultancy provided a sophisticated business plan.


The service is extremely nice, and with affordable cost, things worked out perfect.


Thank you Jason for the admirable service.”


Abbas Dalal – Houston, Texas

My truthful thanks to Jason of JDC Consultancy for the impressive business plan he did for my L-1A work visa petition. My attorney is so happy to expedite my petition due to the intensive business plan which saved a lot of work and revision. I do appreciate the quick work and follow-up service JDC offered to satisfy the attorney.


Strongly recommend anyone who hesitates to work with JDC to make decision right now on cost-saving, fast service, positive cooperation and business focus.


Edward Liu
Formerly from China, relocated to Wisconsin

I would just like to say that Mr. Jason Coles did an excellent job on the business plan he created for my L-1 visa application. He is honest, very easy to work with and straightforward in his approach to finding out the appropriate information needed for my L1 immigration business.


From the time I gave him the go ahead the 1st draft was sent to me in just 8 days, which was impressive and much needed since I was on a tight timescale. I forwarded the business plan to my attorney to see if he had any changes, and he was so impressed that nothing needed to be amended, and he was able to include it in my L1 application right away.


I would recommend JDC Consultancy to anyone looking to get a business plan created for their visa application. Thank you very much.


Sagar Patel – Alabama

Tom and Jason, thank you for working with us and building a Professional Business Plan that was a key part of our E2 status renewal. I greatly appreciate all the time and effort. From day one it was a pleasure to work with both of you. JDC Consultancy represents the highest level of professionalism in both building business plans and customer service.


All my questions and requests were responded to in a timely manner and were very concise. It’s good to know that you are working with someone very patient and open for making suggestions and giving your advice along the way.


I would highly recommend their services to anyone planning on applying for or extending an E2 visa. They are very experienced and a joy to work with. Thanks to their help the process of extending my visa went much smoother.


Looking forward to working with you both in the future. Thank you.


Mariusz Kamieniarz
Formerly from Poland, relocated to Montana