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Achieve success with your upcoming U.S. visa application
by choosing Jason Coles and JDC Consultancy to write
your immigration business plan.

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we write results-driven and affordable
immigration business plans
to make sure your upcoming visa application is approved.

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Customized Immigration Business Plans
make Your Dream of Living & Working in the U.S. Come true

Our immigration business plans are detailed, concise
and results-driven because they are custom-tailored
for the business or franchise, you are starting or purchasing.

E-2 Visa Plan

For investors looking to buy or start a business or franchise in the U.S., an E-2 Visa Business Plan is required to accompany your U.S. Visa application. We have written hundreds of these immigration business plans since 2006 with a very high success rate.

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E-1 Visa Plan

The E-1 Treaty Trader Visa is for companies that are either trading goods or services between the U.S. and a foreign country, or those who are looking to set up a company that will trade goods or services between a foreign country and the U.S.

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L-1 Visa Plan

An L-1 Visa Business Plan is required for international companies who are seeking to set up a U.S. subsidiary, branch, or affiliate office in the U.S. Many smaller companies are suited to the L-1, and start-up/new office companies are acceptable too.

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EB-5 Visa Plan

An EB-5 Direct Investment Visa is suitable for foreign entrepreneurs and investors that are seeking the much-coveted green card. Currently, the investment amount is $800,000 or $1,050,000 and the U.S. business can be a start-up company that will employ at least 10 people.

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All visa applicants are equal before the law. A good immigration business plan can make all the difference.

Writing Immigration Business Plans to Meet your Needs

The immigration process can be overwhelming for anyone trying to enter the United States on a business visa.

Completing an immigration business plan can require the assistance of a skilled professional, especially if you’re lacking the language skills, financial skills, or time to complete the plan yourself.

Immigration business plans can be daunting, with the federal government looking for highly specified information. They can be difficult to complete to the government’s standards if you’ve never written one.

JDC Consultancy – the Right Company for the Job

JDC Consultancy knows exactly what to include in an Immigration Business Plan because we’ve written more than 1,365 of them and enabled business owners, entrepreneurs, investors, executives, and their families to live, work, and study in the United States.

These detailed plans are our specialty.

Helping foreign entrepreneurs develop an immigration business plan that allows them to obtain a visa to stay in the United States is what we do for a living, not a side job or an afterthought. Contact us to help you through the process. We deliver detailed and affordable immigration business plans for a fixed fee and in a time frame that will meet your needs.

Give us a call at (678) 367-3794 or email us at to find out how we can meet your needs today.

Who Needs an Immigration Plan

Immigration business plans are required if you are applying to the federal government for a business visa, such as an E2 Treaty Investor Visa, E1 Treaty Trader Visa, L1 Visa, or an EB5 $1,050,000/$800,000 Investor Green Card. Business plans are essential to your immigration petition and serve as a key component of a successful visa application.

Jason Coles

President & Founder

People around the world dream of living in America, the land of opportunity. Parents dream of giving their children a better life here. I play an integral part in them achieving their lifelong ambitions by writing their U.S. immigration business plan.

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Brad Ryan

VP Market Research

Brad Ryan is an experienced entrepreneur who has operated in several different industries throughout his career. His market research and financial modeling experience are invaluable to JDC Consultancy, its clients, and the business plans we write.

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Client Testimonials

I am very happy that I hired Jason to support me with my E2 immigration business plan! He has done a very satisfying job, especially by conducting extensive research about the agricultural business in the US, to help me analyze my future competition. My application got approved after a short interview at the US-embassy in Germany with a side note made that it has been well prepared – I received a 5 year E-2 visa which is quite unusual these days and a testament to the JDC business plan. A big part of this success I grant to Jason for doing such a great job since the business plan is one of the most important items within the visa application. If anyone is looking for professional support through an immigration business plan, I highly recommend hiring Jason!

Alexander Conrad


Thank you again for your E2 Business Plan consultancy and preparation for our roofing company that we started in the Atlanta area. It was crucial and helped us a lot in realizing how businesses work in the USA especially when you have to get an interview for E2 Visa with the Department of State. This type of plan also makes you more comfortable for the interview because is done with sequential logic and sense, making you realize an objective way to do business in a new country.

We are so happy we were approved for our E2 visa at the US Embassy in Madrid and we thank you Jason for your help and professionalism, it was critical in us obtaining our E2 visa and starting a new life in the USA.

Mariana Belouche


Proud to have written US Immigration Business Plans for: