E1 Visa Business Plan

E1 Business Plans

Since 2006, JDC Consultancy has written over 1,360 immigration business plans for clients from across the globe. We are dedicated to creating a comprehensive, results-driven, and compelling E1 Visa Business Plan following the standards set forth by the USCIS and tailored specifically to your company’s needs. You have invested substantial time, effort, and capital into building and expanding your business internationally, but an effective E1 Visa Business Plan is vital to your securing your E1 Visa and ensuring that you are legally permitted to enter and stay in the U.S. to develop your business.

Business Plans created by JDC Consultancy are written with the specifics of your company in mind, and follow a specific format that showcases what your company has to offer while providing the USCIS with the important data it requires to approve your visa. An effective E-1 Visa Business Plan provides projections and a strategy detailing your business’s next five years of operation. Some of the information incorporated in JDC Consultancy’s E-1 Visa business plans includes:

A complete Executive Summary

Local Market Summary for your U.S. location and a national industry analysis

In-depth job descriptions for employees

Organizational Chart (detailing the reporting structure)

Five-year financial projections, including a profit and loss statement, an investment summary, personnel table, and balance sheet

A summary of your company’s products and/or services

An organizational chart detailing your plans for hiring personnel over a five year period

A summary of your local and/or national competitors

Marketing, Website & Social Media Strategy

Details of your U.S. customers and the percentage of the overall business that you conduct with them

24+ pages in length and over 8,000 words

Plus much more – customized to your specific business

Unlimited Revisions.

E-1 Visa Business Plan Process


Your completed E1 Visa Business Plan will be approximately 24 pages long and contains much more information than is listed above. It will be personalized to suit your business’s visa needs and specifications, and we will maintain communication throughout the creation process to ensure that the first draft is produced quickly, comprehensively and accurately. Your satisfaction is paramount, and if at any point during the process changes become necessary, we will be more than happy to edit your business plan until it exceeds your expectations. We are in constant communication with immigration lawyers from every corner of the United States, and internationally, and will apply their expertise and our 13+ years of experience to work with you and your lawyer to create an effective, compelling business plan that will give you the best chance of obtaining your E-1 Visa.

JDC Consultancy recognizes the commitment and significant investment it takes to move to a new country and develop a business. We are acquainted with the challenges you will face as you tackle this process, and are prepared to provide you with a thorough, professionally researched and created E-1 Treaty Trader Visa Business Plan to help you make your goals of conducting business and being able to stay in the United States to do this, a reality.

Overview of the E-1 Treaty Trader Visa

For investors engaged in substantial trade with the United States, an E1 Treaty Trader Visa business plan is required to be submitted alongside your application for your E1 Visa. As one of the world’s strongest economies, the United States offers unique opportunities for companies seeking to commit to high-volume trade between it and their home country. Following the end of the Great Recession, investors from the United States’ 78 treaty partner nations have begun to recognize the value of America’s growing pool of consumers, and, through the E1 Visa, they are able to reach a massive audience and engage in business opportunities that might not be available in their home countries.

E-1 Visa Requirements

Immigration to the United States can be an extremely difficult process, and for many, a temporary, non-immigrant visa, like the E1 Treaty Trader Visa is the best option. Once this visa is obtained, the maximum length of time that the applicant can remain in the United States is two years, after which the applicant is required to apply for an extension if they wish to stay. The basic criteria for an E1 Visa applicant include:

The ability to demonstrate substantial trade between the United States and the applicant’s home country.

Sufficient prior knowledge and expertise in the chosen industry to conduct trade.

Past experience with trading between the applicant’s home country and the United States.

Assurance that transactions will be of substantial dollar value.

At least 50% of the applicant’s international transactions must be between the applicant’s home country and the U.S.

The applicant and any staff members must be willing to vacate the United States upon the expiration of their E1 Visa.

For a complete list of E1 Visa Countries take a look at our page dedicated to this.

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