JDC Consultancy Celebrates 9 Years of Immigration Visa Business Plans

This August, JDC Consultancy is celebrating nine years in the business of writing immigration visa business plans. To date, we have written over 550 business plans in a wide variety of industries.

August 2016 Update – We are now celebrating our 10 Year Anniversary!

We want to thank each and every client for putting their trust in us, and we want to thank the many immigration attorneys who have allowed us to help their clients achieve their own American dreams.


JDC Consultancy 9 years in business blog post 8-31-15


As we reflect on our past nine years, we’d like to share some of our successes with you.

Retail Business Plans

Retail businesses are a favorite for many hopeful immigrants. We have written immigration business plans for clients to start a new business or purchase an existing business or franchise. Some of the retail businesses that JDC has worked with include:

  • Jewelry stores
  • Hair Salons
  • Nail & Beauty Salons
  • Destination Spas
  • Gasoline stations
  • Convenience stores
  • Retail and online ladies apparel shops
  • Online and retail shoe stores
  • Gift shops

Restaurant and Food & Beverage Business Plans

We have written business plans for restaurants, bakeries, and cafes that bring delicious and exotic dining experiences to their communities, including:

  • Irish themed restaurant and bar
  • Lebanese style restaurant
  • Spanish and Mexican restaurants
  • Sushi Restaurants
  • Tapas restaurants
  • Brazilian café and bakery
  • Italian restaurants
  • Korean restaurant
  • Wine Bars
  • Turkish restaurants and Hookah bars
  • Indian restaurants
  • Coffee shops
  • Venezuelan and Andean cuisine café
  • Pizzerias
  • Franchised food establishments such as: Subway, Quiznos, Frenchy’s Chicken, TCBY, Dairy Queen, Fuddruckers, Baskin-Robbins, Smoothie King and Fatburger.

Real Estate Business Plans

Property ownership is a big part of the American dream, and JDC Consultancy has written numerous business plans related to the real estate industry. This industry has seen its share of hurdles over the past nine years, but a very high percentage of JDC’s clients adapted to the economy and weathered the storms. JDC’s business plans for starting or purchasing real estate businesses include:

  • Real estate brokers
  • Property management firms
  • Vacation rental companies
  • Real estate investment firms
  • Apartment communities
  • Home builders and remodelers
  • Interior designers and architects
  • Commercial and residential cleaning companies

Tech Industry Business Plans

As a testament to a connected world, JDC has written business plans for clients that operate within various technology industries such as:

  • Mobile application developers
  • Custom software designers
  • Wearable biometric device manufacturer
  • Consulting and custom analytics services
  • Cell phone and tablet repair companies
  • Restaurant reward apps
  • Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software consulting
  • Online skilled professional labor and services exchange platform

Oil and Gas Business Plans

JDC Consultancy has written many plans for new businesses that are serving the oil and gas industry, including:

  • Gasket, valve and pipe manufacturing
  • Gas trading and risk management
  • OEM equipment parts manufacturing
  • Custom oil and gas software developers
  • Subsea engineering company
  • Energy infrastructure and power investment company

Any Industry You Want

Even if your industry hasn’t been named on this list, have no fear. As you can see, JDC Consultancy is not limited to specific industries. We are also experienced in researching industries and working with the latest data to ensure that your business plan is as accurate and up-to-date as possible. Other businesses that JDC Consultancy has written immigration business plans for include:

  • Furniture stores
  • Automotive repair and maintenance businesses
  • Custom motorcycle painting
  • Mobile podcasting business
  • Waxing Studios
  • Assisted living and memory care facilities
  • New & Used car sales
  • Natural supplement business
  • Industrial automation equipment distributor
  • Kitchen cabinet and granite companies
  • Daycare centers
  • Digital printing and sign businesses
  • Jewelry wholesalers
  • Air conditioning business
  • Paint manufacturer
  • Photography studios
  • Import/Export companies
  • Graphic & Web Design companies
  • Logistic companies
  • Plastic and metal recycling facilities
  • and many more

Each Plan is Customized by Visa Type and Industry

Each plan that is written by JDC Consultancy is customized for each individual business and written for the type of visa that applicant is applying for. JDC Consultancy has written business plans for the following types of visas:

  • E-1 Treaty Trader visas (more details on the E1 Visa)
  • E-2 Treaty Investor visas (more details on the E2 Visa)
  • H-1B Specialized knowledge visas
  • L-1 Intracompany transferee visas (more details on the L1 Visa)
  • EB-5 Immigrant investor visas (More details on the EB5 Visa/Green Card)

Looking Forward to Helping You

The team at JDC Consultancy is looking forward to serving many more clients in the years to come. Our clients not only get to fulfill their dream of living in America, they gain the personal satisfaction of owning and running their own businesses, serving a growing client base, and contributing to economic growth in their communities by creating new job opportunities.  If you are interested in being one of those clients, or are an attorney who has a client in need of our services, and would like more information on immigration business plans, please contact us by email or phone 678-367-3794.


August 2016 Update – We are now celebrating our 10 Year Anniversary!