KIWI Act: How the E-2 Treaty Investor Visa is Helping New Zealand Entrepreneurs Invest in the US

As a country that has contributed over half a billion dollars to the United States via direct investment, New Zealand is a valuable economic ally that has, until recently, been limited by the restrictions on which U.S. visas its citizens could apply for. As of August 1, 2018, this is … Read more

Prezola Gift List Company Founders Dom Beaven and Ali Beaven

Prezola: How the British Wedding Gift List Company Could Tie the Knot with the U.S. Market

Everyone’s received a gift they didn’t really want. Whether Grandpa got you socks at the holidays or your mum (mom) picked out a top she thought was just, “you” for your birthday, the thought is appreciated, but you might end up digging through the wrapping paper for a gift receipt. … Read more

Israeli E-2 Treaty Investor Visa

The E2 Visa Israel Now Available: A Game-Changer for Israeli Entrepreneurs

Close allies with the United States tend to enjoy special privileges where visas are concerned. This holds true for business visas, like the E2 treaty investor visa, which makes it surprising that, despite numerous efforts by both the United States and Israeli governments over the years, Israeli entrepreneurs have only … Read more


E2 Visa Mexico Processing Changes for each Consulate

In order to keep up with a continual rise in applications for the various visas that are available to Mexican nationals, the United States Embassy is no longer processing non-immigrant “E type” visa applications at its Applicant Service Center in Mexico City. This change in process is not to deter … Read more

Truck & Wheel Group: Alabama Welcomes Europe’s Auto Supply Powerhouse

Since Henry Ford rolled out the Model T in 1908, automobile manufacturing has been a notorious mainstay of American industry, symbolizing the nation’s hardworking attitude and innovative spirit. Until recent years, the industry provided stable jobs that supported entire communities, allowing blue collar workers to provide for their families and … Read more

Crimson Education: How a Young Kiwi Couple is Transforming U.S. University Admissions

With the recent signing of the KIWI Act, which allows New Zealand citizens to apply for E-2 treaty investor visas and E-1 treaty trader visas, now is the time for New Zealand entrepreneurs to branch out and start a U.S. based business or bring their existing company to the United … Read more

JDC Consultancy Celebrates 9 Years of Immigration Visa Business Plans

This August, JDC Consultancy is celebrating nine years in the business of writing immigration visa business plans. To date, we have written over 550 business plans in a wide variety of industries. August 2016 Update – We are now celebrating our 10 Year Anniversary! We want to thank each and … Read more