What to expect from the JDC Consultancy Blog

Okay, so we’re still working on some ongoing updates, improvements, and tweaks to our website, but substantial progress has been made. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you that have provided us with your feedback. Just so everyone knows, I contacted a select few clients and colleagues and solicited their feedback on the website and I appreciate their honesty and ideas, it is very helpful.

If there is one thing I have noticed over the past 7 years of writing Immigration Business Plans it’s that I do not hear from many clients once their visa has been approved. I believe the simple answer to this is because they no longer need us. We have done our job, they got what they wanted and now they need to focus all of their attention on moving to the United States and developing their new business venture. It seems fair and reasonable to me and I’m sure I would probably do the same.

Business_Advice_JDC_ConsultancyNow, what if our clients knew that we were a business resource for them and we could help them with things such as accounting, human resources, payroll, logo design, website creation, search engine optimization, marketing, sales, and much, much more. It is our belief that almost every client we create a business plan for needs some kind of help with their new or recently purchased business, and/or assistance with the process of relocating to the United States. Our goal is to make the JDC Consultancy website a meaningful resource, not just for our clients, but anyone else that can benefit from assistance with starting, managing, and growing their business.

The plan is to start developing categories such as “Accounting”, “Social Media”, “Human Resources” etc. and build out these various categories by writing articles; and in some cases tutorials, on the most effective and efficient way to start, manage, organize, and grow your business. I was just talking to a client yesterday about his existing business that he really wants to expand and grow over the next several years. Unfortunately, he has been hampered by the actions of the previous owner who left the business in a “not so desirable” condition. We are all entrepreneurs who have a common goal of developing a successful business and when we start communicating with each other and sharing ideas, some great things happen! The conversation we had was very positive, we bounced several ideas off each other and the client is going to be implementing some of the ideas we discussed right away.

As always, we are interested to hear your feedback and thoughts and please let us know in the comments section of anything specific you would like us to write about as it pertains to “Best Practices” for business and relocating to the United States.

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