What exactly are Matter of Ho EB5 Business Plan Requirements?

For investors seeking to pursue the EB5 Visa, a series of requirements set forth by the landmark precedent known as Matter of Ho must be comprised in the EB5 Visa Business Plan.

Formally, Matter of Ho, created by the AAO (Administrative Appeals Office), entails what makes up a comprehensive EB5 Business Plan. Elements such as: identification of the target market, market analysis (comparing and contrasting competitors’ strengths and weaknesses), the structure of the business’ personnel and time frame for the creation of jobs, and the growth plans and sustainability of the business.

Moreover, the plan should highlight any necessary permits and licenses obtained, and, depending upon the type of enterprise, any applicable manufacturing or production processes, required materials, and supply sources. Any executed contracts relating to the aforementioned must also be noted. A discussion involving the business’ pricing structure, advertising, and servicing must too be included. In addition, the staffing requirements, containing descriptions for all positions, and a hiring timetable should be addressed. The EB5 Business Plan must also cover cost, sales, and income projections. All in all, the Matter of Ho precedent seeks to define the business as credible.

These are all fairly generic requirements that all business plans should ideally contain. However, with the EB5 Visa, the USCIS will consider only a two-year time period culminating in job creation when assessing what they define as a credible business plan. In short, the plan must convey that the new commercial enterprise will result in a need for not fewer than 10 full-time employees—a fundamental requirement.

With all the documentation required as part of your EB5 immigration application, it can be overwhelming to provide an additional comprehensive business plan. With that, it’s important to note that JDC Consultancy maintains a strong rapport with many experienced immigration attorneys thus ensuring your EB5 Business Plan will more than comply with Matter of Ho requirements.

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