Geisha Williams, a Latina refugee who has made a massive name for herself by becoming the first Latina fortune 500 CEO

“Why Not You?” An Inspiring Story of the First Latina Fortune 500 CEO Who Was Once a Refugee

With tensions running high at the U.S. border, and tempers running hot on all sides of the immigration debate, it is easy to lose sight of what the United States still means to those around the globe facing dire circumstances who dream of living in a country where they can … Read more

Alabama Immigrants – A Region of Vast Economic Diversity

In the recent past, Alabama has presented immigrants with several challenges in regards to settling down and starting businesses. Recently, however, these views have begun to shift as the state has begun to recognize the financial ramifications of spurning foreign born workers. In 2011, Alabama passed the controversial H.B. 56, … Read more

A Brew Apart: Why New Yorkers are Guzzling India’s Favorite Craft Beer

An ice-cold beer with good friends is a classic way to finish off a long day. Cracking open a refreshing brew has always meant that it’s time to kick back and relax, but the face of this ritual is evolving. With the rise of “hipster” culture, the standard six-pack of … Read more


The Sanaya Set: How Three Indian-American Women are Setting the Trend for Fashion with a Conscience

By simply living and working in communities within the United States, immigrant entrepreneurs enrich the local culture and bring fresh, inspired ideas to local markets, but some go above and beyond in the name of diversity and inclusivity. The Sanaya Set, founded by first-generation Indian-American women, Tarul Kode Tripathi, Tejal … Read more


Susana’s Stitches: How Hospital Curtains are Empowering Immigrants in Miami

When you step into a corporate environment, the décor sets the mood. In a hospital, the goal is reassuring, sterile tranquility, while an office should reflect the values and spirit of the company that occupies the space. Many of these organizations choose Cube Care, a company owned by Colombian immigrant … Read more

Tea-riffic: How Vietnam’s “King of Tea” Could Become the Next U.S. Immigrant Entrepreneur Success Story

In 2018, the United States is primed to receive the most innovative, future-focused businesses led by charismatic, intelligent businesspeople from all backgrounds. Soon, this could include the prestigious Mr. Tran Qui Thanh, a Vietnamese serial-entrepreneur who is known in his home country as the “King of Tea.” Mr. Tran is … Read more

Small Business - Big Opportunities - 2018

Small Business, Big Opportunities: Why 2018 is the Year for Immigrant Investment in the U.S.

2018 is already shaping up to be the best year for business in recent memory, with small businesses leading the way. According to an article by William Dunkelberg on, citing the National Federation of Independent Business’s (NFIB) Small Business Economic Trends survey, the Small Business Optimism Index rose two … Read more


USCIS Streamlines Applications by Accepting Credit Card Payments

When undertaking the daunting, paperwork-intensive task of applying for an immigration visa, even small changes to the process can streamline the experience and make the whole procedure more pleasant for applicants. As of February 2018, USCIS is now accepting credit card payments for 41 fee-based forms. To qualify for this … Read more

Going with the Grain: How a U.S. Immigrant Family’s Pita Business Went Global

Kontos Foods Often, a simple product made with care and a dedication to quality can form the basis of a business that takes consumers by storm and skyrockets from a small family business to an international phenomenon. Such is the case for Kontos Foods, a company based in Paterson, New … Read more

Too Many Jobs: How Legal Immigration Could Solve the U.S. Labor Crisis

In light of the many changes to and increasing restrictions on immigration to the United States being made by the current administration, employers are finding themselves with a set of challenges quite different from previous years. Where once there were many applicants clamoring for the same position, many companies prepared … Read more