Stripe, the revolutionary digital payment business owned by two Irish brothers

Stripe: How Two Irish Brothers Simplified Online Commerce to Empower Entrepreneurs

In a truly digital age, shopping often no longer means piling into the car and scouring the shelves for goods that may or may not be in stock. Every day, Americans spurn traditional brick and mortar stores and spend about $1.2 billion online; a number projected to double in under … Read more

Payal Kadakia, owner and founder of Classpass.

ClassPass: How a First-Generation Indian-American Revolutionized the Fitness World

For someone with an entrepreneurial spirit, the solution when they can’t find a service that they need is often to create it themselves. Such is the case for Payal Kadakia, the creator of ClassPass, an innovative app that not only connects people to dance and fitness classes in their area; … Read more

EB-5 Program Extended Without Changes Until September 30th 2019

In the midst of an overall push for immigration reform, Congress has extended the EB-5 Regional Center Program again. It happened several times in 2017 and 2018 and was only extended on a short-term basis in 2019 to February 15th. This time, however, the Spending Bill reauthorizes the EB-5 program through September … Read more

Victor Santos – The DACA Recipient & Entrepreneur Using Tech to Help Others Achieve Their Financial Dreams

Since he was twelve years old, Brazilian-born Airfox CEO Victor Santos has lived his life in flux. Thanks to the ongoing debate about the Obama-era DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) policy, which the Trump administration has threatened to end, the Forbes “30 Under 30” entrepreneur’s status in the United … Read more


E2 Visa Mexico Processing Changes for each Consulate

In order to keep up with a continual rise in applications for the various visas that are available to Mexican nationals, the United States Embassy is no longer processing non-immigrant “E type” visa applications at its Applicant Service Center in Mexico City. This change in process is not to deter … Read more

Geisha Williams, a Latina refugee who has made a massive name for herself by becoming the first Latina fortune 500 CEO

“Why Not You?” An Inspiring Story of the First Latina Fortune 500 CEO Who Was Once a Refugee

With tensions running high at the U.S. border, and tempers running hot on all sides of the immigration debate, it is easy to lose sight of what the United States still means to those around the globe facing dire circumstances who dream of living in a country where they can … Read more

Truck & Wheel Group: Alabama Welcomes Europe’s Auto Supply Powerhouse

Since Henry Ford rolled out the Model T in 1908, automobile manufacturing has been a notorious mainstay of American industry, symbolizing the nation’s hardworking attitude and innovative spirit. Until recent years, the industry provided stable jobs that supported entire communities, allowing blue collar workers to provide for their families and … Read more

Alabama Immigrants – A Region of Vast Economic Diversity

In the recent past, Alabama has presented immigrants with several challenges in regards to settling down and starting businesses. Recently, however, these views have begun to shift as the state has begun to recognize the financial ramifications of spurning foreign born workers. In 2011, Alabama passed the controversial H.B. 56, … Read more

Crimson Education: How a Young Kiwi Couple is Transforming U.S. University Admissions

With the recent signing of the KIWI Act, which allows New Zealand citizens to apply for E-2 treaty investor visas and E-1 treaty trader visas, now is the time for New Zealand entrepreneurs to branch out and start a U.S. based business or bring their existing company to the United … Read more

A Brew Apart: Why New Yorkers are Guzzling India’s Favorite Craft Beer

An ice-cold beer with good friends is a classic way to finish off a long day. Cracking open a refreshing brew has always meant that it’s time to kick back and relax, but the face of this ritual is evolving. With the rise of “hipster” culture, the standard six-pack of … Read more