Texas Immigration – Welcoming Global Business

By both area and population, Texas is the second-largest state in the nation. It is home to 29.4 million people as of 2020, and of that number, approximately (17%) 5 million are foreign-born. In 2019, the State’s GDP reached $1.887 trillion, and that number is only set to rise as … Read more

A panel displaying the gocardless team

GoCardless: How a UK Company is “Taking the Pain Out of Payment” in the US

In a globalized economy, where everyone from Apple to Etsy artists is doing business across borders, challenges and restrictions presented by exchange rates, card fees, and rules imposed by individual banks can obstruct smooth transactions, harm customer service, and make purchasing and selling internationally a challenge for everyone involved. To … Read more

Discover How AppDynamics’ Indian American Entrepreneur Jyoti Bansal Used His Green Card to Create Hundreds of Jobs for Americans

It is a well-known fact that bureaucracy can stifle progress and that even the best ideas, enterprises, and innovations can be stalled for years by having to contend with legal hoops and meet endless criteria. Few know this better than immigrant entrepreneurs who, despite being statistically some of the most … Read more

Houzz’s Adi Tatarko: How an Israeli Immigrant Couple’s Home Improvement Platform Revolutionized an Industry

For many homeowners, remodeling is an absolute nightmare. From choosing the perfect kitchen countertops to finding a reliable contractor to build an addition, remodeling is a complex series of stressful decisions that often involves hours of poring over reviews online and hoping the designers and workers hired can help the … Read more

Spring Labs: How Three Immigrants Came Together to Become Data and Identity Protection Pioneers

In today’s social media-infused corporate climate, a company is often inseparable from the personalities who built it, and personal branding of CEOs means as much to many consumers as the product itself. Today, large tech corporations are driven as much by cults of personality as by revenue, and those who … Read more

New Jersey – A Hub for Tech and Transport

In New Jersey, a state with a population of 8.9 million (as of 2018), the positive economic and social impact of immigrants cannot be ignored. The state is home to nearly 2 million immigrants, and its immigrant population increased by over 15% between 2005 and 2018. These immigrants comprise 20% … Read more

Stripe, the revolutionary digital payment business owned by two Irish brothers

Stripe: How Two Irish Brothers Simplified Online Commerce to Empower Entrepreneurs

In a truly digital age, shopping often no longer means piling into the car and scouring the shelves for goods that may or may not be in stock. Every day, Americans spurn traditional brick and mortar stores and spend about $1.2 billion online; a number projected to double in under … Read more

Alabama Immigrants – A Region of Vast Economic Diversity

In the recent past, Alabama has presented immigrants with several challenges in regards to settling down and starting businesses. Recently, however, these views have begun to shift as the state has begun to recognize the financial ramifications of spurning foreign born workers. In 2011, Alabama passed the controversial H.B. 56, … Read more

Pennsylvania – Founded on Acceptance

Welcoming immigrants from all over the globe is an integral part of Pennsylvania’s history. William Penn, who founded Pennsylvania in 1681, was devoted to making his colony a community that welcomed immigrants of all nationalities and faiths. Its anticipated 2016 population is about 12.815 million. Despite recent political controversies, that … Read more

Utah – Expanding Global Influence

Although Utah is traditionally conservative, lawmakers and residents have, in recent years, begun to recognize the value that immigrants add to their local communities and economies. In 2010, Utah residents, business owners, activists, law enforcement officials, and religious leaders came together to write the Utah Compact, a declaration calling for … Read more