Why use our Immigration Business Plan Services

It is not practical or advisable to engage the services of just any company that writes business plans for small businesses, because your immigration business plan must be tailored to suit your specific E2, E1, EB5, or L1 visa application.

You can engage our services with total confidence knowing that this is what we do for a living and we are very detail orientated and passionate about our work. We do not create boiler plate business plans; we do not farm your work out to overseas consultants, we customize your immigration business plan to suit the business or franchise you are purchasing or starting up, and the US visa application you are applying for.

Having been involved in the immigration industry for the past 14 years working closely with immigration attorneys and constantly staying abreast of the ongoing changes in the law, we know what the USCIS and Department of State are expecting to see in your business plan that is submitted as part of your immigration petition.

When we create a professionally written comprehensive immigration business plan specifically for an E-2 visa application, E-1 visa application, EB-5 $1 million Investor Green Card application, or an L-1 Intra-company transferee visa application we make sure that all of the key areas are included in your plan. We work closely with our clients and immigration law firms and take care of all the details, so this monumental task is our responsibility and not yours.

Our professional fees are fixed, and you will know up front the exact costs associated with our services. Call 678-367-3794 or e-mail us email@jdcconsultancy.com today to find out how we can help you by creating an immigration business plan for your US visa application.

Creating immigration business plans is our specialty, and you can read some of the experiences our satisfied clients have had using our services and see for yourself why using JDC Consultancy to write your immigration business plan is the right choice.